Akita City 秋田市


View of Akita

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Akita, a city in northwestern Japan

Akita dominates the west coast of Tohoku, facing the Sea of Japan. This quiet town in northern Honshu has a long historical past and is a good base for touring the region and discovering Tohoku.

  • Senshu Park and Kubota Castle

A small park which has very beautiful cherry trees and azaleas. You can see the moat of Akita's Kubota Castle, built in 733 and destroyed during the Meiji period. There are only ruins of the castle, except the reconstruction of the watchtower. It is possible to climb it to admire the view of the city.

Address : 1 Senshukoen, Akita, 010-0876

Hours: Open 24/7

Adult price: 100 yen ($1.15/.90€)

  • Omoriyama Zoo

A very pleasant little zoo that will delight children, with more than 100 species within its walls. Giraffe, tiger, red panda, elephant, monkey, camels... there are many and varied to observe, all at a low price.

Address : Katabata-154 Hamada, Akita, 010-1654

Hours: Open from 9 am to 4:30 pm.

Adult price: 730 yen ($6.75/6€)


Kubota Castle Tower

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