Oyasu Gorge and its hot spring 小安峡

An icy-burning gem in the Akita Mountains not to be missed

Impressive cliffs, beautiful blue-green waters, and springs gushing at almost 100° in the forest like a corner of hell, this is the setting of the Oyasu Gorge, but above all a small paradise in the Akita mountains...

A large red bridge spans the Oyasu Gorge. You will have a magnificent panoramic view of all the gorges.

Along this landscaped promenade, you will gaze into the blue-green waters of the Minase River, its meanders, and several waterfalls that feed it.

Particularly impressive because springs gush out at 98°, the daifuntô are right by the wayside. You cannot stay long in these burning vapors which form a great cloud; you will quickly pass your way unless you have fun crossing it then going back through it several times like a game. For those with the cold, the spot is particularly recommended.

Dans les gorges d'Oyasu

In the Oyasu Gorge

Jerome Laborde

One of the most beautiful hikes in Akita

A little further, and to re-expend your newly accumulated calories with tasty specialties, a hike on Mount Kurikoma is essential. Several hours of walking to find yourself in the middle of three departments at once, Akita, Iwate, and Miyagi.

Even sportier but superbly captivating, the valley of the underworld of Kawarage. Accessible in 30 min by car/taxi, a descent of large steps that never ends in the middle of a lunar setting made of white rocks and fumaroles here and there.

The end of the path which winds through the forest stops at the foot of a hot waterfall under which the most intrepid can bathe. New sensations guaranteed! A bit like taking a giant shower in the middle of nature.

On the way back, the long climb will have you cursing all the milk ice cream swallowed earlier, but don't forget to say a prayer at Zento-ji temple, founded in the year 807, which was forbidden to women for a long time. This is a sacred place, like Mount Osore in Aomori.

La cascade d'eau chaude de Kawarage

Kawarage Hot Waterfall

Jerome Laborde

Address, timetable & access

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    By Akita Shinkansen to JR Omagari Station, then JR line to Yuzawa. Take a bus to Oyasukyo Onsen (55 min journey).

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