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Kujukushima National Park

Located in Sasebo, in Nagasaki prefecture, it is one of the most beautiful panoramas in Japan.

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Amakusa Islands Guide

The Amakusa Islands are a group of beautiful islands between Kumamoto and Nagasaki prefectures, and have played a major part in the history of Christianity in Japan.

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Arita Guide

Arita in Saga Prefecture in Kyushu is the historic center of porcelain production in Japan. Arita-ware pottery is now world famous and exported all over the globe.

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Nagasaki City Highlights What to See and Eat In Nagasaki

Nagasaki city highlights: read an in-depth travel guide on what to see and where to eat in this historic, port city on the west coast of Kyushu.

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Island Lumina Nagasaki

Island Lumina on Iojima Island in Nagasaki is a multimedia night walk in search of an enchanted jewel. Created by Moment Factory, this one-hour adventure takes place through a forest path.

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Fukue Island Goto City

Fukue Island is the biggest island in the archipelago that is Goto City off the coast of Nagasaki Prefecture.

Nozaki Island

Nozaki is a small island off Sasebo, in Kyushu. Now uninhabited, in the seventeenth century it was a refuge for the "hidden Christians" in the Nagasaki region fleeing persecution.

Ojika Village

To the north of the Goto archipelago, west of Nagasaki, a chain of 17 small volcanic islands forms the Ojika commune, whose main island bears the same name.

Nagasaki: Megane Bridge

The Megane Bridge in Nagasaki (meganebashi) is one of the few traces remaining of the ancient city.


Among the recently proposed world heritage sites of UNESCO by Japan is the impressive island of Gunkanjima. A unique, and somewhat disturbing landscape.

Shofukuji & Fukusaiji Temples

Shofukuji & Fukusaiji: read guides to Shofukuji & Fukusaiji temples in Nagasaki, two important Chinese temples in the city.

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Tojin Yashiki Nagasaki

Tojin Yashiki was the compound in Nagasaki where Chinese traders were confined during sakoku period of Japanese history similar to Dejima for the Dutch.

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Nagasaki China Town Shinchi

Nagasaki China Town: read a guide to Shinchi, the oldest Chinatown in Japan and home to the colorful Nagasaki Lantern Festival at Chinese New Year.

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Oura Catholic Church Nagasaki

Oura Catholic Church in Nagasaki was completed in 1864 and is said to be the oldest church in Japan.

Shrine of Twenty-Six Martyrs Nagasaki Kyushu

Twenty-six Martyrs Museum Nagasaki

Twenty-six Martyrs Museum Nagasaki dedicated to the 26 Christian martyrs executed on the orders of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Dejima Nagasaki

Dejima: read a guide to Dejima in Nagasaki, the artificial, segregated island where Dutch traders lived and worked during the Edo Period in Japan.

St. Francis Xavier Memorial Church

Read a guide to the St. Francis Xavier Memorial Church on Hirado Island, Nagasaki, Kyushu.

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Shimabara Castle

Shimabara Castle: read a guide to Shimabara Castle in Nagasaki Prefecture with superb walls and moat.

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Shimabara & Mount Unzen Guide

Shimabara & Unzen: read a guide to Shimabara & Mount Unzen on the Shimabara Peninsula in Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyushu.

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Hirado Guide Nagasaki

Hirado Island: read a guide to the beautiful and historic island of Hirado off the west coast of Kyushu in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan.

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Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki

Huis Ten Bosch: read a guide to Huis Ten Bosch a Netherlands-related theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyushu, southern Japan. See Holland in Japan.

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Spectacles Bridge Meganebashi Nagasaki

Spectacles Bridge: read a guide to Spectacles Bridge (meganebashi) in Nagasaki, Japan's oldest stone arch bridge built in 1634 by the Chinese monk Mozi (aka Nyojo).

Buke-yashiki Shimabara

The Buke-yashiki district of lower and middle samurai houses in the Teppo-cho area of Shimabara in Nagasaki Prefecture is a short walk north west of Shimabara Castle.