Nikko National Park Travel Guide 日光国立公園

Excursion near Tokyo in a protected nature

Nikkô is very famous for its Tôshô-gu temple, but it is above all a very vast mountainous natural area, with multiple hiking trails. Ideal destination for a one or two day excursion near Tokyo.

Nikkô-Kinugawa-Kuriyama side

Mount Nikkô-Shirane rises to 2,578 meters . From Marunuma Kogen station, a cable car takes you to an altitude of 2000 meters, from where you already have a beautiful panorama, with the bonus of a free onsen for the feet.

It is also the starting point of the hiking trail to get to the top. All the same, allow five or even six hours round trip for the ascent .

Lake Chûzenji , created by volcanic activity and the lava spill from Mount Nantai, is a huge lake at the end of which is the great Kegon waterfall . With its 97 meters of fall, the flow is very intense there especially in spring thanks to the snowmelt.

Also to be explored, the high plateau of Senjôgahara which includes a marshy area above which a promenade has been laid out for quiet trekking and appreciating all the diversity of the places, with some 350 kinds of plants and wild birds .


La cascade Kegon à Nikkô

La cascade Kegon à Nikkô

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The temples classified Unesco . They are numerous towards Nikkô, including the famous and magnificent Shintô Tôshô-gu shrine built in these wild mountains more than 1,200 years ago , although extended by the Tokugawa family in the 17th century.

We also find the Rinnô-ji temple and the Futarasan shrine. These temples allow you to better appreciate the artistic techniques of the Edo period (1603-1868) .

Temple Tôshô-gû à Nikkô

Temple Tôshô-gû à Nikkô

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