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Yuasa Guide Wakayama

Yuasa is an historic port town in the Kii Peninsula in Wakayama Prefecture known as the birthplace of soy sauce in Japan.

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Nachi-Katsuura (Kii-Katsuura)

Nachi-Katsuura (aka Kii-Katsuura) is a tuna fishing port and gateway to Nachi Falls located in Wakayama Prefecture. The coastline here is dotted with islands and onsen resorts.

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Maruyama Senmaida Rice Terraces

Maruyama Senmaida Rice Terraces (丸山千枚田) are a scenic grouping of over 1,000 rice paddies carved into the hills near Kumano-shi in Mie Prefecture.

Tanabe Guide

Tanabe: read a travel guide to Tananabe in Wakayama Prefecture - known as the Gateway to Kumano Kodo.

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Hongu Guide

Hongu is a tranquil hamlet on the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route, famous for Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine and the hot springs of nearby Yunomine Onsen.

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Shingu Guide

Shingu, a small coastal city of about 30,000 people situated on the south-east coast of Wakayama, is home to the Kumano Hayatama Taisha Shrine, one of the three Kumano Sanzan Shrines.

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Wakayama Castle

Wakayama Castle: read a guide to Wakayama Castle in Wakayama Prefecture. Wakayama Castle is a reconstructed castle and the present buildings date from 1958.