Original accommodation, authentic Japan

A trip by car allows you to take advantage of alternative accommodation, very often located in the heart of the Japanese countryside, far from the train and bus lines. Browse our selection of unique places and live a true experience in itself, as close as possible to the Japanese soul.






Ryokans, Japanese style refinement

.Your trip to Japan would not be complete without a stay in a Ryokan, the typical Japanese hotel that dates back to the Edo era when they were used to accommodate travelers who traveled across Japan.

Staying in a Ryokan is a total immersion in the Japanese aesthetics and spirit. Ryokans are mainly found in spa towns. They are equipped with onsen, hot springs, that flow into the communal baths that are directly inside the establishment.

A stay in a Ryokan costs between 15 000 and 25 000 yen, with, as a rule, dinner and breakfast included. They will serve you "kaiseki ryori", a meal consisting of many small dishes, often made from seasonal ingredients from the region.. 
To stay in a ryokan, it is best to arrive in the early or mid-afternoon and it is imperative to wait for the okamisan, the manager of the premises. She show you around the ryokan.

Near the town of Kawaguchiko in the Five Lakes Region, some ryokan offer rooms with  beautiful views of Mount Fuji reflected in the lake. A nigt spent in such a splendid natural setting will inevitably leave lasting memories.

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Back to basics under the roof of a Minka


A minka (民家 meaning "people's house") is a Japanese country house, traditionally built with simple materials like bamboo, earth, and straw. Once inhabited by farmers, artisans and merchants, today they tend to be replaced by more modern buildings..

Japan, being aware of the disappearance of a rural heritage with a very strong regional character, has undertaken a preservation policy by rehabilitating some of these residences. In some cases, entire villages are benefiting from renovation such as  Shirakawa-go and others are entirely recreated, such as Hida-Takayama and Minka-en near Tokyo.

For those who wish to experience Japan in a different way, away from the crowds and the city, staying in a minka is an extraordinary experience, which is unforgettable and accessible to all..

Chiirori House, nestled in the heart of Shikoku province (sometimes called the "Tibet of Japan") allow you to fully experience this immersion in Japanese history and culture.

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Rest body and mind in a monastery

The traditional hospitality of Japanese Buddhist temples dates back over a thousand years. Many monasteries still maintain the tradition and welcome weary travelers and pilgrims who come to rest body and mind.


Spending the night in one of these monastry guest houses, called shukubo (宿坊, literally meaning "Buddhist accommodation"), is a unique opportunity to discover the frugal and serene daily life of Buddhist monks. The average cost of a night in a temple is 9 000 to 15 000 yen per person.


Sleeping in a temple, is also a chance to share the ritual meal of the monks. To do this, be sure to arrive before 5 pm, as dinner is normally served at around 6 pm. You will be able to try the Shojin ryori (精进料理), an exclusively vegetarian, healthy cuisine that gives pride of place to tofu in all its forms (fresh, grilled, fried, dried, etc ...).

But a healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind; in addition to the meal, you will need to share the morning prayer, which takes place at 6 am and lasts approximately thirty minutes. It is usually followed by breakfast, which is also vegetarian, at around 7 am.

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Camping in Japan

Alongside Western hotels and ryokan, financially speaking, camping in Japan offers a good alternative and a great experience in the heart of the beautiful nature of the archipelago.

Suffering from an image that does not necessarily match with the traditional-ultra-modern facets of Japan, camping is a type of accommodation that is too often overlooked by visitors to the archipelago. However, there are over 2 000 campsites established throughout Japan with prices ranging from 500 to 1500 yen per night.

The Japan National Tourism Organization offers a list of the main campsites in Japan. This list covers all regions of Japan. Therefore, it is a good base to build your "nature" trip. It not only gives the campsite addresses, but also the activities available in the surrounding area, prices and how to get to the campsite.

  Click here, to see the list in English. Take a look at the map that is on the last page: it can help you to locate the different campsites of the archipelago, at a glance.


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