Hiyoko Manju: Fukuoka's Favorite Souvenir   ひよこ、福岡の人気なお土産

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The hiyoko manju is in the shape of a chick.

A green tea flavor hiyoko manju

Sweet little chick

The hiyoko manju is a treat made in Fukuoka since 1912. It's in the shape of a small chick, and comes in various flavors depending on the season. It is Fukuoka's top omiyage (souvenir).

Top seller

Along with the Hakata Torimon, you will easily find the top seller hiyoko manju sold in shops all over town. History explains its success: made for over 100 years, with a large variety found all over the island of Kyushu (Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Chikuhi, Saga, Oita) this treat is extremely popular.

But its headquarters is and will remain in Fukuoka Prefecture. The brand's products are managed by the Yoshinodo Group.

On the sugar road

The hiyoko manju is more specifically from Chikuho-Iizuka, Fukuoka Prefecture (a few kilometers northeast of the city of Fukuoka). This city has always been known for its creativity, ever since the sakoku (Japan's closed period). They have long been manufacturing sweets and pastries thanks to the sugar imports from the port of Nagasaki (one of the few ports that was open to international trade) and its location, which was on "the sugar road".

In 1897 the Yoshinodo Group began as a small teahouse that gradually began to specialize in making pastries. It was in 1912 that the magic recipe for the hiyoko manju was discovered.

The little chick has grown in popularity and now ranks among the most popular souvenirs to take back from a trip to Fukuoka.

Where can you buy it?

You can find it in the shops at Hakata Station (Fukuoka). How much does it cost ? From 500-5000 yen, for larger boxes.

For more information, visit the English web page here.

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