The Hakata Torimon   博多通りもん

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The Hakata Torimon, a sweet Fukuokan treat!

Taxis waiting at the station in Fukuoka (Kyushu).

Cake at the station

One of the most sold products at the shops in Hakata station: the Hakata Torimon.

Guaranteed pleasure 

With over 15 "Monde Selection" awards, the Hakata Torimon has become the must-buy of souvenirs after a stay in Fukuoka.

For those that live there too, it is the small gift bought for all occasions (Mother's Day, Father's Day, National Grandparents Day, etc...).

For every budget

The Hakata Torimon has been made by the company Meigetsudo since 1993. It is prepared using a traditional manju recipe. The center of the Hakata Torimon is made with a mixture of sweet white bean paste.

Several options are available as a gift, or to indulge in yourself. From boxes of 5 to 40, the range is wide and meet all budgets.

Popularized by manga

The popularity of this cake is also down to good adverts. They depict the characters and creator of a popular manga in Japan - Hakatakko Junjo ("The innocent Hakatan").

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