Kappa Tengoku Onsen   かっぱ天国

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Onsen Kappa Tengoku

An outdoor onsen at the Kappa Tengoku baths.

Bathing Station

Conveniently located near the Yumoto Station in Hakone, this onsen welcomes you to unwind upon arrival or before departure of your train.

Kappa Tengoku Onsen, paired with a ryokan, is very well positioned: just outside of Yumoto Station, turn around to see a gray building whose name and direction is also indicated. The dressing rooms' glory days have gone and passed, as they seem a bit worn.

On the terrace, the main bath, made ​​of stone, is fairly traditional and great to rest in after a trip or waiting for your train. But like a good coffee in a mediocre setting, Kappa Tengoku has some charms, but the bare minimum. Check it out if you're in need of a soak, or go and see all of Hakone's far more lovely onsens that have an atmosphere all their own.

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