Sato-no-Yu   さとの湯

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Sato no yu

Baths Sato no yu span multiple floors.

The Kinosaki Baths

If Kinosaki is one of the most charming spa towns in Japan, it is all thanks to the elegant and pleasant onsen such as Sato-no-Yu.

Whoever visits Kinosaki, located on the coast of the Sea of Japan, is sure to pass by Sato-no-Yu.

It is very close to the exit of the station, and is recognized by its entrance topped by a large pyramid roof.

Kinosaki's unmissable stop

Even though it was only founded in 2000, it is without doubt one of the most attractive onsen of the city and is among the Soto-yu, the 7 onsen which have made Kinosaki's reputation.

As with other onsen, Sato-no-yu is available free to customers of the many ryokan in the city who come to complete their journey through Kinosaki, dressed in yukata, to watch the Maruyama river flow.

Spoiled for choices

Sato-no-Yu also offers two outside baths, for women and men separated, with a view.

Inside the property offers a wide variety of baths: traditional Japanese, western, sauna, cold sauna (the "penguin" sauna), bathing under the waterfall and hot herbal medicines.

Customers spend their time taking long lazy breaks between baths drinking, nibbling or just relaxing with friends.

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