Kinosaki 城崎温泉

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The Kyoto seaside resort

On the coast of the Sea of Japan, two hours and a half from Kyoto, refuge of Oriental white storks can pride itself on having become one of the most beautiful onsen towns in Japan. Streets lined with shops where couples dressed in yukata stroll, a river lined with trees and spring water fountains, tranquillity everywhere.

On the way, you can stop by at the local cafes and restaurants or simply admire the stunning scenery and its atmosphere. Staying overnight in Kinosaki allows you to indulge in its finest cuisines, including the local specialty, matsuba crab, proclaimed the "Kingdom of Crab".

Although people come to Kinosaki for the onsen, there are also other attractions worth a visit. Just outside the town, you will find the Onsenji temple, the path through the forest alone is worth an experience. The temple can also be reached by the Kinosaki cable car, conveniently located near the Kono-yu onsen. The path climbs 1,000 meters above sea level and offers a breathtaking view of the city, the surrounding countryside, and the Sea of Japan. It is also a common sight to witness  Kinosaki storks, the symbol of the city, protected in a local sanctuary, in the area. 

Kinosaki Onsen la nuit

Kinosaki Onsen la nuit

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