Daimon   大門

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Daimon Koyasan

Daimon vermilion door.

Daimon Koyasan

Kongo Rikishi, protective statues.

Sacred entrance

Once you have walked through the Daimon Gate, Koyasan reveals itself. Paths of earth or gravel scattered with torii delve into the forest ... to the west of the city, the holy predominates.

Originally built in the eleventh century in Tsuzuraori Valley, this massive building, classified "Important Cultural Property" was moved a century later to its current location, marking the entrance to the city of Kobo Daishi (774-835), the monk founder.

In the center, three openings act as a border, as places of passage, emptiness and calm are celebrated, while above, the carved vermilion structures add a touch of finesse and harmony to the gigantism. To the right and particularly to the left, a little inside the present building dating from 1705, Kongo Rikishi keeps watch, protective statues of this in-between, Un-Gyo and A-Gyo.

The weight of centuries and symbols, the weight of worship, temples and sacred impress, but do not let yourself be crushed. Welcome to Koyasan or goodbye, it depends.

For the charm and fun of discovery that is hard-won, there is nothing like the Chôishi Michi pilgrimage route, twenty-three miles long and about seven hours of walking, its highlight and arrival point are the Daimon Gate.

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