Nyonindo   女人堂

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Nyonindo Temple

Nyonindo Temple, the women's house.

Feminine faith

The feminine version of worship has its own temple in Koyasan, Nyonindo. The only remnant of an ancient tradition, which forbade women from entering the holy city.

If during your trip to Koyasan you come across the giant statue of a Buddhist monk, look at its feet, you should find the Nyonindo. A small temple, but one of the most symbolic for women.

Before 1872, the representatives of the "weaker" sex were not allowed to enter the sacred precincts of Mount Koya. They were limited to the city gates. The entrances were then found at the beginning of the pilgrimage trails.

But many women also practiced Shingon Buddhism. They therefore prayed in temples created for them on the outskirts of the city.

The Nyonindo, which literally means "women's house" is the last of these feminine sanctuaries, the other seven temples which occupied this function were destroyed. There is now a hike dedicated to women, which following the path that they could take in the olden days.

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