Independants Café   カフェ・アンデパンダン

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Independent coffee

In the Hall of Freelance Café.

Inside the Cafe Independent Kyoto.

Inside the Cafe Independent Kyoto.

Culture Club

Nestled in a sun colored building with architecture reminiscent of the Catalan Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), Independants Café has all the facets of a good arty venue. 

A strange staircase made ​​of small colorful mosaics and a specially made shelf for flyers announcing concerts, exhibitions and performances, lead you to a heavy dark wood door. Behind it lies the Independants Café, well known in the underground fauna and artistic bohemia of Kyoto, this cafe / restaurant will surprise many.

At the back there is a tiny shop where you can buy CDs and other small items created by local artists, have a look round if it's open, even if it is just to see the havoc that prevails! The vast room with dark corners, the cold tiles that are crossed by a thousand colors during the day, depending on the course of the sun, waiters, who are playful and divinely beautiful fight in the kitchen or with your meal behind the bar, all these thing are what make the special and unclassifiable charm of the Independants café.

Observe the fauna: From the young people with a very researched style to the handsome fifty-something man who reads his newspaper or scribbles in his notebook. It is fascinating! The menu includes hot dishes such as curry or sandwiches, salads and other creations to be enjoyed as part of a lunch menu (around 1000 yen with a drink and fries). Also discover the musical aspect of the venue by checking out their program on the website. Do not forget to visit the building, it is full of art-related surprises!

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