Kawayuka Terraces   川床

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The Kyoto kawayuka

Kawayuka terraces along the Kamogawa River.

Kawadoko of Kibune

The kawadoko village Kibune.

Summer Dining on the Kamogawa

When summer comes, the kawayuka, terraces on stilts, bloom on the banks of the Kamogawa River.

Kamogawa doesn't only refer to the "river ducks" (its literal translation), but also the terraces that appear as soon as the warm weather arrives: from May to September, establishments on stilts bloom along its banks. They're pleasant balconies called kawayuka (or kawadoko anywhere other than on the Kamogawa), on which one can enjoy an outdoor dinner despite the summer heat.

During the Edo period (1603-1868), teahouses, performers and street vendors used to settle by the riverside during the fine summer days. Temporary wooden terraces soon sprang up on the banks to make the most of the festivities.

Local experience

Since then, the custom has continued and these ephemeral platforms, once reserved only for traditional cuisine, now host restaurants of all kinds.

At the heart of shady neighborhood Ponto-cho , there are many fine kamogawa. Further south, in the street of Minami Kiyamachi the recently restored terraced restaurant Manzara has one of the best kawayuka of the city.

North of Kyoto , the villages of Kibune Takao offer also the inevitable experience of kawadoko. Here, the terraces are only a few centimeters from the river, ensuring visitors have a refreshing experience!

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