HEP Five   ヘップファイブー

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HEP five red whale

Red whale at HEP Five.

HEP five

HEP five mall.

Moby Chic

If the urge to shop strikes, why not head to HEP Five in Osaka, the impressive shopping mall complete with its own Ferris wheel... 

With its nine floors and two basements, HEP Five has all the fashionable clothes that girls of fifteen to twenty-five years old could dream of. However, it wouldn't boast seventeen million visitors a year if that was the only draw of this mall!

Many visitors come to seek more than just clothes and accessories, they come for entertainment, as the full name of the place indicates (Hankyu Entertainment Park). Greeted by a twenty-meter long red whale suspended in the air, upon arrival guests are immediately immersed in a new artificial world.

Game fans will be delighted by the second basement where thundering pachinko machines (a kind of Japanese vertical pinball) stretch out as far as the eye can see, while narcissists can dress up and admire themselves for hours in the gimmicky photo booths (purikura) of Joypolis miniature amusement park that spans the top two floors. For thrill seekers, in the same section it is possible to visit a haunted house complete with creepy lifelike dolls.

The roof of the city

But the uniqueness of HEP Five, besides the sometimes provocative outfits on sale in the second-hand clothes stores for Japanese teenagers, is its big wheel, a glowing beacon in the sea of lights of Osaka. You can board it on the seventh floor, at over one hundred and six meters above the ground. A ride offers a panorama that captures the feel of this lively city.

Nicknamed "the city of foodies", Osaka's inhabitants are known to love good food! HEP Five is a treat for all food lovers, with its variety of restaurants located on the seventh floor. For those who prefer a light snack, cafés and bakeries give off their heady aromas alongside the pachinko halls. Try the HEP Five experience, it will get you in sync with Osaka. 

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