Ryu Sushi   竜寿司

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The front of Ryu Sushi restaurant in Tsukiji in Tokyo.

The front of Ryu Sushi restaurant in Tsukiji,Tokyo.

Sushi for breakfast

When you leave the impressive Tsukiji Market, your senses may be running wild, your stomach empty and your appetite growing. Who says you can't have sushi for breakfast?

At Ryu Sushi, from 8am a long line extends in front of the storefront. Eager gourmets patiently wait outside, sometimes for up to an hour. Inside, the dining room of this traditional sushiya is, as always, busy.

From six thirty in the morning, regulars and especially wholesalers and Tsukiji purchasers come here to have a fresh sushi breakfast prepared before their eyes, and maybe a beer...

Eat alongside them

Order omakase - the recommended menu of a dozen sushi and sashimi selected by the chef - or shun no mono, tasting piece by piece, the taste experience takes on a sweetness enhanced by the setting and context.

A cult of raw, almost sweet fish, married with the lightly sour shoyu (soy sauce) that tickles a palate warmed by miso soup (fermented soybean paste). In the "belly" of Tokyo, the fish here will melt in the mouth... and that's worth all the waiting in the world.

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