Sora No Niwa   空ノ庭 渋谷店

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A taste of tofu

We have heard the rumor that the tofu restaurant Sora No Niwa is so well hidden that even the people of Tokyo get lost searching for it.

Once you have found the dim light of its sign, you enter a spacious establishment, a haunt of young Tokyo people wanting to eat well and inexpensively, over a Japanese beer or a glass of sake. In a very natural setting, the beams and wooden stairs creak and the floor of large stone slabs is laid out before you.

Upstairs, the few private rooms offer a more intimate setting, while downstairs all kinds of tofu dishes (his soy paste based, protein rich food), are prepared before you. As a starter, a simple piece of tofu, pure and light. The tasting continues with negitoro tofu no maki zushi, sushi where the rice is replaced by the cooked dough.

As dessert time approaches, maybe a tofu cake or a macha or caramel tofu ice cream will delight the taste buds. Some may enjoy other dishes if they are not crazy about these little white bites. But at Sora No Niwa tofu reigns.

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