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Nippon Maru in Yokohama

View of the Nippon Maru in Minato Mirai 21 district.

Minato Mirai 21

Wearing the Minato district Miran 21 night.

Focus on history

With its rich maritime history, the city of Yokohama tells visitors about the internationalization of its small fishing port at the Maritime Museum.

Among the first re-opened cities to foreign countries after the end of sakoku period (the closing of Japan to countries abroad, between 1641 and 1853), Yokohama has a unique maritime history.

Through photo exhibitions, models and interactive screens (Japanese and English), the Maritime Museum in Yokohama shows both stages of port development - the forced opening by Commodore Matthew Perry - and also the evolution of shipbuilding technologies.

The Nippon Maru

Highlight of the visit: opposite the museum at the foot of the Landmark Tower, a beautiful four-masted ship awaits visitors in the harbor area Minato Mirai 21, for a dip through time.

The Nippon Maru, most famous sailboat Japan, is a witness to history. Built in 1930, this training ship was dry-docked and restored to its original specs after 50 years of loyal service.

During the top to bottom boat tour, the captain's cabin remains one of the favorite attractions. And once a year, you can watch the hoisting of the 29 sails of Nippon Maru. A unique show!

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