The best free things to do in Osaka

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Visit Osaka on a budget without spending a yen

As in all cities in the world, you can stroll through the streets of Osaka without spending a penny. But in Osaka, some streets are shows on their own. Sanctuaries, parks and other sites can also be visited for free and they offer welcome moments of relaxation and calm. In addition, many festivals and fireworks light up the city throughout the year. So enjoy it !

During the cherry blossom season, people gather there with family or friends for the hanami and every weekend and on public holidays, food and drink stands are set up in the park. It is the ideal place for a picnic.



Address: 1-1 Osakajo, Chûô-ku, 540-0002 Osaka


Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine


Built in the year 211, it is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan. It is also one of only three shrines built in a purely Japanese architectural style , without any outside influence, unlike other Shinto shrines.

It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and a red arched bridge leads to the main shrine. For an aesthetic and spiritual parenthesis.



Address: 2 Chome-9-89 Sumiyoshi-ku, 558-0045 Osaka


Minoh (or Minoo) Park



Are you a little tired of the busy streets, neon lights and cacophony of the city? Go take refuge in Minoh Park. This huge park located in a wooded valley is only about thirty minutes by train from Osaka.

A path runs along the Minoo River for three kilometers and leads to the waterfall of the same name, 33 meters high. In the fall, the site is adorned with red and is absolutely splendid. Along the way, several temples can be visited. Do not miss Ryauanji and its vermilion bridge.

Address: 1-18 Minookoen, Minoo, 562-0002 Osaka

Cascade du parc de Minoh.

Waterfall in Minoh Park.

Pelican, Flickr

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