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Narai-juku: a beautifully preserved Edo period post town in Nagano

Narai-juku is a historic post town located in the Kiso Valley of Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

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Tsumago: Stepping back in time in a beautifully preserved Edo period post town

Nestled in the heart of Japan's Kiso Valley lies Tsumago, one of the best preserved post towns from the Edo-period.

Sunset over rocks in the ocean from Sado Island

Sado Island Guide

The history of Sado Island, north of Nagano, is one of both a land of exile and the gold rush. Today, it is primarily a destination for seasoned hikers and a center of taiko drumming.

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Iida Guide Nagano

Iida is a small city of around 100,000 inhabitants located in the Ina Valley in the south of Nagano Prefecture. It is famous for its apples and Puppet Festa.

Le lac Aoki en hiver

The Three Nishina Lakes

The Aoki, Nakatsuna and Kizaki lakes form the "Three Lakes Nishina". Located in the Japanese Alps, their surroundings offer many activities to travelers.

Yuki no Otani, the snow canyon of Tateyama


Located on a portion of the famous Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Road, the snow canyon offers travelers a grandiose spectacle: walking between two snow walls over 20 meters high.


The Matsushiro district

The ancient town of Matsushiro is now a peaceful district in southern Nagano where the intriguing atmosphere of the Edo period still lingers.

Village Kiso

The village of Kiso (Nagano)


The Kiso Valley is located in the heart of Nagano Prefecture and offers you a fabulous journey back in time.


Des singes dans un onsen près de Nagano.

Jigokudani, to the happiness of the monkeys

Primates splashing around in hot springs, in the heart of a forest in white coats: welcome to Jigokudani, the park where monkeys rule.


Here, time has stopped in the Edo era: Tsumago is one of the prettiest villages in which to sample the delights of the Japan of yesteryear, before taking a hike.

Lake Suwa

With a phenomenon called "the God's Crossing," who wouldn't want to visit Lake Suwa!

Togakure Ninja School

For small budding ninjas, Japan still has sites and memorabilia of real ninjas. Between legend and history, Togakure is one of them.

The downtown Magome, paved and steep.


In the far south of the Japanese Alps, Magome retains traces of its glorious past as a stage town, and offers a popular hike in the Kiso Valley.

Kiso Valley Guide

Kiso Valley: read a guide to the Kiso Valley in Nagano Prefecture famous for its beautiful, forested hills traversed by the historic Nakasendo Highway.

Nakatsugawa Guide

Nakatsugawa: read a guide to Nakatsugawa in Gifu Precture, a former post town on the Nakasendo between Ena and Magome in central Japan.

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Kiso Fukushima Guide

Kiso Fukushima guide: Kiso-Fukushima in Nagano prefecture is a post town on the historic Nakasendo highway noted for its barrier station and wooden buildings.

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Matsushiro Castle

Matsushiro Castle: read a guide to Matsushiro Castle built by Takeda Shingen in Matsushiro, Nagano Prefecture.

Karuizawa Taliesin

Read about the restful Karuizawa Taliesin complex in Japan's highland resort of Karuizawa.

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Hakuba Guide

Hakuba guide: read a guide to the ski resorts of the Hakuba Valley in Nagano including Hakuba 47, Happoone and Yanaba.

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Obuse Guide

Obuse Guide: read a travel guide to Obuse in Nagano including information on the Obuse Hokusai Museum, Obuse temples and travel details.

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Matsushiro Guide

Matsushiro Guide: read a guide to Matsushiro in Nagano. Matsushiro is a lovely castle town of samurai houses, gardens and museums.

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Magome Tsumago Kiso Valley

Magome and Tsumago Guide: read a travel guide to Magome and Tsumago in the Kiso Valley in Nagano Prefecture Japan.