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Dogo island guide - explore the natural wonders and cultural treasures of Japan's hidden gem

Dogo island, the largest of the Oki islands located off the coast of Shimane prefecture, offers a perfect getaway for nature lovers and culture enthusiasts.

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Nishinoshima Island Guide

Nishinoshima Island is a small island in the Okis that along with its neighbors Nakanoshima and Chiburijima are collectively known as Dozen.

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Bull Sumo on Dogo Oki Islands

Bull sumo: the traditional sport of Japanese bullfighting or bull sumo still takes place on Dogo in the Oki Islands and the bulls are unharmed.

Nakanoshima Oki Islands

Nakanoshima, one of the Oki Islands in the Sea of Japan, Shimane Prefecture is more commonly known as Ama and is known for its laid-back lifestyle and marine sports.

Saigo Port Dogo

Saigo Port: Read a guide to Saigo Port on Dogo in the Oki Islands - here you can find hotels, the Dogo Tourist Information Office, the Geopark Visitor Center & Oki Nature Museum.

Yokai on the Oki Islands

The family of Mizuki Shigeru, the creator of the GeGeGe Kitaro anime and manga, originally came from the Oki Islands and yokai statues are spreading in the Okis.

Kuniga Coast Nishinoshima

The Kuniga Coast on Nishinoshima in the Oki Islands has some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in the whole of Japan.

Chiburijima Guide

Chiburijima: read a guide to Chiburijima, the smallest and most peaceful of the four inhabited Oki Islands off the coast of Shimane Prefecture.