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Métro osaka

Public transportation in Osaka?

Subway, train, bus... As in all major Japanese cities, public transport in Osaka is abundant and very efficient. A short guide to finding your way around in the capital of Kansai, Osaka.

The best excursions around Osaka

If you spend a few days in Osaka, you may want to venture out of the city.

Quartier Shinsekai

Shinsekai district tour

Although its name means New World, Shinsekai Quarter is the unmistakably retro charm of Osaka that you absolutely must visit.

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Tondabayashi Guide

Tondabayashi guide: Tondabayashi in Osaka Prefecture includes the Jinaimachi district, a well preserved historic village that dates back to the 16th century.

Admire the "yozakura", night cherry trees, at Osaka Castle Park

Top 4 places to see cherry blossoms in Osaka

Discover the best sakura spots in the western capital of Osaka!

Osaka chateau

Osaka Castle

A little out of the way, surrounded by skyscrapers and a wall that gives it the appearance of a fortress, Osaka Castle, imposing and majestic, watches over the city.

Aquarium d'Osaka

Osaka Kaiyûkan Aquarium

Located at the water's edge, Osaka lives to the rhythm of the ocean. In Japan more generally, the sea is never far and its imprint is anchored in the landscape.

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Sasayama Guide Hyogo Prefecture

Sasayama Guide Hyogo Prefecture: Sasayama is a picturesque castle town with historic buildings and museums in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.


The rice fields of Aragijima Island

In Aridagawa in Wakayama prefecture, the Aragijima rice fields spread out like a fan; a unique and unchanged scheme since their creation in 1655.

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Sasayama Castle Town Historical Districts

Sasayama in Hyogo Prefecture remains largely unchanged with architecture and layout dating from the Edo Period of Japanese history.

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Sasayama Castle

Sasayama Castle in Hyogo Prefecture north of Kobe was built in just six months on the orders of shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1609.

Port of Osaka

The best free things to do in Osaka

As in all cities in the world, you can stroll through the streets of Osaka without spending a penny. But in Osaka, some streets are shows on their own.

The city of Sakai

Sakai is an old market town located about fifteen kilometers from Osaka.


Mount Shigi

East of Osaka, Mount Shigi is home to a collection of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. A beautiful spiritual excursion less than an hour from Kyoto and Osaka, lesser-known to tourists.

The cherry blossoms in the park of Osaka Castle

Osaka's Top 10 to visit by our Travel Angel, Yann

Unmissable places, great neighborhoods, and local specialties, Yann, our Travel Angel residing on-site for more than 15 years, reveals his 10 favorites in Osaka.


Breweries, fresh Japanese food shops and the remains of an ancient castle: Sasayama has a lot going for it. 

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Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building is a distinctive 173 meter high skyscraper formed of two separate tower blocks connected at the top and designed by Hiroshi Hara.

Tobita Shinchi

Tobita Shinchi 

Osaka's red-light district emerged in the early 1900s, and become the largest pleasure area in the West of Japan, despite the prohibition of prostitution.

Shinsekai Guide

Shinsekai in south Osaka not far from Tennoji is a colorful and somewhat down-at-heel area of cheap restaurants and 80's style entertainments.

Eat Osaka - Osaka Cooking Classes

Aside from the Japanese capital, it is not so easy to find cooking classes offered other than in Japanese. But since summer 2014 is is not possible to take lessons in English in Osaka!

Glico Shinsaibashi

Shinsaibashi & Namba

Welcome to Minami, the southern part of the city of Osaka ! Here, everything is neon lights and bars, restaurants and pachinko (gaming centers), the electricity of an eclectic population...

Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building

A worthy little sister to the mighty Tokyo, Osaka is primarily an economic center at the forefront of technological development.

Neighborhood Tempozan

Tempozan District

Ideal for families, this harbor district offers all the entertainment that all ages dream of for long Sunday afternoons.

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Tennoji Guide

Tennoji: read a travel guide to Tennoji in southern Osaka known for Tennoji Park, the zoo and now gleaming shopping malls and towers.

Glico Dotonbori


Dotonbori at night is like an explosion, a psychedelic trance that smells like grilled fish and skewers of fried foods.



Trains and subways, gigantic malls, office workers: in Umeda, Osaka never stops.


Tsuruhashi Koreatown

This is one of the oldest and most populous Korean neighborhoods in Japan. Welcome to Tsuruhashi, where there's far more than kimchi on offer...

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Tempozan Guide Osaka Bay Area

Tempozan: read a guide to the water side district of Tempozan in Osaka home to the Osaka Aquarium and the Tempozan Ferris Wheel.

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Nakanoshima Guide

Nakanoshima: read a guide to Nakanoshima, the financial and administrative hub of the city of Osaka.

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Shinsaibashi Guide

Shinsaibashi: read a guide to the major shopping and entertainment area of Osaka - Shinsaibashi.

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Nipponbashi Osaka

Nipponbashi: read a guide to the Nipponbashi area of Osaka containing Den Den Town.

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Namba Guide Osaka Minami

Namba guide: read a guide to the Osaka entertainment and shopping district of Namba including Dotonbori.

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Umeda Guide

Umeda: read a guide to the transport and entertainment hub of Umeda in the Kita district of Osaka.

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Sakai Osaka Guide

Sakai: read a guide to the historic port of Sakai near Osaka famous for its ancient Mozu burial mounds.

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Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle: read a history of Osaka Castle and a description of things to do and see on a visit to Osaka Castle and the surrounding park.

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Osaka Attractions

Osaka attractions: see a listing of Osaka temples & shrines, museums, Osaka festivals, shopping, bars, restaurants and clubs.

Aqualiner in Osaka.

Osaka Aqualiner

The Aqualiner is a long and low vessel that runs on Osaka's waterways from both Temmabashi Station and Yodoyabashi Station on the Keihan Line.

Osaka travel information.

Osaka World Trade Center Sakishima

The Osaka World Trade Center is the centerpiece of the 1990's Bay Area development at Osaka Port on the reclaimed island of Sakishima.