In the footsteps of Japanese volcanoes 火山

Japan, the land of fire

Located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Japan has 110 active volcanos, such as the renowned Mount Fuji. From Hokkaido to Kyushu, calderas and eruptive mountains follow one another, and Japan lives to the rhythm of their moods.


The volcanoes of Hokkaido island


In northern Japan too, there are many volcanoes. The northern island of Hokkaido is home to about ten volcanoes. Akan, to the east of the island, is a volcanic chain with several craters (ten peaks) organized into a caldera. The last eruption dates back to 2008. Its magnificent national park is very popular with visitors.

The other large volcano on the island is Mount Tokachi, which rises to 2,077 meters. He saw, in the twentieth century, very large eruptions, those of 1925 and 1962 have also caused deaths. Akan and Tokachi are both parts of the " 100 Famous Mountains of Japan ".




Les Monts Meakan et Akan Fuji de la chaine Akan

Wikimedia Commons


L'éruption du Mont Tokachi en 1962

Wikimedia Commons

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