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Travel guide to visit Tokyo

- Welcome to the biggest megalopolis in the world -


This is your first trip to Japan and you intend to explore the capital from top to bottom in order to make the most of this long-awaited stay! Have you considered all important factors before making final reservations? Do you know the best areas of Tokyo to book your accommodation? Do you know how to read the Tokyo subway map and use the city's various public transport?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, that is to say the exploration of the Japanese capital, here are many tips for preparing your trip.

In which season to go to Tokyo?

The first step is to define the period in which you wish to visit the great metropolis. After comparing with the holidays of the Japanese calendar, the weather conditions but also the length of the days and the price of the plane tickets, it will be time to make your choice. Each season has its particularities and will offer you a different experience.

We have selected for you activities to do in winter and summer , but also the best places in Tokyo to enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and maple leaves in autumn.

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What to see in Tokyo? Here are the visits to do in Tokyo!

You can then move on to developing the program for your days in Tokyo! Visit iconic Tokyo neighborhoods such as Shibuya, Harajuku , Shinjuku and Asakusa , take the circular Yamanote line to explore the four corners of the megalopolis and explore the artificial island of Odaiba and its beaches in Tokyo Bay .

Visit the parks and gardens of Tokyo

With a reputation as a particularly urban and modern city, Tokyo is also a green city. With nearly forty parks and gardens in the capital, it is easy to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets and take a break in the peaceful atmosphere these parks offer. Here is a small but not exhaustive list of our favorite parks:

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What is the budget for a stay in Tokyo?

Who said that Japan was reserved for very wealthy travelers? If you plan ahead, the expenses of your stay can drop considerably. It is enough to know the good plans and not to be satisfied with the windows intended for the tourists.

Finding out about the accommodation market, analyzing the quality/price ratio of the establishments that litter the streets of Tokyo and organizing your trips are some tips for managing your budget effectively .

Japan Experience offers you apartments for rent in the very center of Tokyo , a few minutes walk from the main station of Ikebukuro on the Yamanote line. Our Travel Angels welcome you there and you will live there integrated into the daily life of the Japanese of the district! For group trips to Tokyo, with friends or family , this is the ideal solution to save money on accommodation and food.

There are many possibilities, and you can easily eat small traditional dishes for 5 euros and find hostels for less than 30 euros a night in the middle of Tokyo! To find out more, discover our guides to cheap food and cheap accommodation in Japan.

Also remember to study the operation of public transport in the capital, very different from what we have in our countries.

Do you want to visit Tokyo with a tour? Several options are available to you

Plan the extras and essentials of a trip to Japan

Certainly, there are a lot of places that offer free wi-fi in the capital. But to stay connected and be able to direct you in all circumstances, the best thing is to rent a SIM card or a pocket wi-fi . For a few euros a day, you will be independent and can lose yourself carefree in the streets of Tokyo.

To take public transport freely and easily, we advise you to obtain a prepaid transport card such as Suica or Pasmo . Little more, they also serve as electronic purses and can be used in many konbini and vending machines!

Finally, because prevention is better than cure, we advise you to translate your driving license before leaving, in case you want to make an excursion outside the capital by renting a car . These two services are also available at Japan Experience at the best rates .

The Japan Experience offer to explore Tokyo with complete peace of mind