For young people   若い人 7 to 107 years

7 to 107 years

"This is a time of laughter and song 
On the children's island every day in spring
This is the happy land of happy children
Nice monsters, yes it is a paradise. "

The Children's Island, Casimir

This is a French song that rocked the younger generations of France and Québec in the 1970s and 1980s, and it suits in Japan. Japanese children are treated like royalty for a few carefree years, before becoming  the subjects of a formal society.

Celebrations are dedicated to the little ones and for them, it's a marvelous holiday. March 3rd is Girls Day (Hina-matsuri), and May 5th is Children's Day (Kodomo-no-hi), a festival for the boys.

The archipelago invites young and old to imaginary voyages, like the wonderful world of Hayao Miyazaki, founder of Studio Ghibli and creator of Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.

Under the influence of American culture, Japanese society infantilizes. The proliferation of theme parks illustrates this headlong rush to the delight of fans of kawaii (cute) culture and other Hello Kitty like crazes. 30-year-olds are often into games and comics, for it is a country of manga and anime. Japan offers many interesting opportunities, good-natured confusion for some, and disturbing to others.