Ikebukero's Pokemon Center   ポケモンセンター池袋

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Pokemon Center, Ikebukuro

Gotta Buy 'Em All!

A store for fans of the Pokemon franchise opened its doors in late 2014 in Ikebukuro's Sunshine City shopping center in Tokyo.

Sunshine City is definitely becoming more and more the place to visit for tv show, comic and gaming fans. It already has the largest Animate store and an Evangelion Shop, not to mention the Shonen Jump Theme Park (dedicated to your favorite manga heroes). It was in December 2014 that the Pokemon Store was added, a real treat for the many aficionados of Pokemon

Lint Pokemon, remember the Pokemon Center. Catch them all!

Lint Pokemon, remember the Pokemon Center. Catch them all!

Pokemon paradise!

Video games, cartoons, card games, manga... the word 'pokemon' encompasses a wide range of products. The franchise has had - and continues to experience - huge popularity all around the world. 

Its universe is populated by Pokemon (an English contraction of pocket monsters), creatures with extraordinary powers which must be collected. The most well-known of them all is Pikachu, a kind of electric yellow mouse, the hero's companion.

Not to be missed

The Pokemon Centre Mega Tokyo is there to make it big. Immerse yourself amongst in the world of Pokemon, from both the games and cartoons. You will find absolutely everything in terms of merchandise and Pokemon games: stuffed animals, figurines, drawings, clothing, snacks, jewelry, and more. You can even download Camp Pokemon, a game/guide for beginners who have just arrived in Ikebukuro.

Expect crowds at the store is popular, and all otaku (fans) from Japan - and outside of Japan! - are still discovering it. 

Watch a video of our Travel Angel Chris visiting the Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro:

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