Explore Tokyo as a family

The opinion of Japan Experience

During your stay, enjoy a day out which is specially adapted for your children. Although it combines modernity and tradition to perfection, Tokyo remains first and foremost a city which is both young and fun, with plenty to offer travelers of all ages. You will love being guided through the city and making the most of our program designed for families. To awaken the curiosity of the very youngest or indeed older children, we have selected visits which combine games with Japanese culture, fashion and temples, with museums indoors or gardens out of doors.

Your Travel Angel's plus

Thanks to our Travel Angel, both adults and children will have the chance to learn more about Japanese culture as well as the archipelago’s inhabitants, gastronomy, language and many other things that you will be able to explore and discover as a family. Our Travel Angels love to be around children and they will be your companion as you set off for this fun and culture-packed day in Tokyo which is specially adapted to your wishes and will help you make the very most of the rest of your family stay.


The price for the day does not include meals and any entrance fees which may be required both for you and for your guide. Remember to add 1000 yen (around 8.35€) to the price to cover your guide’s transport costs. The presence of the parents is compulsory for this day out, whatever the age of the children may be.


Your guide will come and meet you at a prearranged location.