Ghibli Museum   三鷹の森ジブリ美術館

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To return to the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, it must be booked in advance.

To go to the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, you must book in advance.

A robot guard Raputa museum entrance from the terrace watching.

A robot guard from the Ghibli movie 'Laputa' watches over the museum entrance from the terrace.

Inspired design

Inspired by Shintoism and fantasy, the creator of the renowned animated movies 'Princess Mononoke' and 'Spirited Away' has created a museum with diverse and somewhat baroque architecture. Visiting is a heartwarming and magical experience that will delight your inner child.

In the land of the Gods, Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese master of animation, has designed a building to celebrate his works. In Mitaka, to the west of Greater Tokyo, in the district of Kichijoji, next to Inokashira Park, the iconic Ghibli Museum (pronounced jib-lee) captivates fans, because here, beloved characters and scenes are magically brought to life with painstaking care.

At the entrance, visitors are greeted by Totoro, the famous neighbor from one of his films. In the dream world of this museum, the rooms follow on from one another, arranged in a journey designed by Miyazaki himself. There is a spiral staircase, a screening room showing a short film, a cleverly arranged office crammed with books and bric-a-brac, an imaginary library, and thousands of drawings and storyboards that everyone can browse through. And for the little ones, there is of course the cat-bus, every child's favorite. On the roof stands a gigantic robot, which, like a kami, watches over this universe of surprises and discoveries.

The anime studio 

The story of Studio Ghibli began in 1985, when it was founded by Hayao Miyazaki with his friend Isao Takahata, author of Grave of the Fireflies and My Neighbors the Yamadas. A collusion lasting over thirty years, first dating back to their collaboration on the animated series Heidi, animated by Miyazaki and produced by Takahata. The two friends chose the Italian name of a hot desert wind (ghibli) to fulfill their dream. With numerous successful feature films worldwide, the artists have managed to interest adults and moviegoers across the globe in anime.

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