Visiting Odaiba with children   子供とお台場へ

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Toyota Mega Web

The Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo

The Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo is appropriately named.

Daiba No.6, the last of the six original military fortresses built by the shogun

Miniland at Legoland in Odaiba

The present Miraikan Tsunagari, a huge globe suspended in the air on several levels.

Miraikan Tsunagari, a huge globe suspended in the air on several levels.

The incredible island

Never has a transformation been so radical. Odaiba, once a small island fortress in Tokyo Bay, built in 1853, has turned into a huge artificial island, entirely dedicated to entertainment and relaxation. Odaiba is a great place to spend one or more days with your family!

Rainbow bridge seen from Odaiba

Daiba no.3

In 1853, following the ultimatum of Commodore Perry asking for an end to the isolation of Japan, the shogun built six fortresses, daiba, in Edo Bay - former name of Tokyo - to protect the city ​​in case of attack by American gunners. Today only two of the daiba still exist. One, the sixth daiba, was preserved, and bore witness to this pivotal time for the country. The other daiba, daiba no.3, changed over time into a huge artificial island, known today as Odaiba! The island is the result of a radical transformation undertaken in the late 1920s as part of a policy of urban renewal of the waterfront and an extension of the capital where land was built over the water. Its development then accelerated in the 1980s-1990s, helped by the construction of the Rainbow Bridge in 1993, and the commissioning of a metro line, the Yurikamome. In this way a former maritime defense site became a futuristic tourist attraction, dedicated to shopping and entertainment.

Blue, green, red, Rainbow Bridge Tokyo aptly named.

Blue, green, red... Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo is aptly named.

The futuristic Himiko boat bus leaves from Asakusa and takes you to Odaiba on the Sumida River

On land, at sea, or in the air

The nickname "entertainment island" is not an exaggeration. Odaiba has something for everyone, with its many theme parks, shopping malls, unique Japanese pop culture and surprising museums. Access to the island is already an attraction in itself! You can get there in several ways:

  • By boat

Boats connect Asakusa to Odaiba in about 1 hour. Himiko and Hotalun are two futuristic ships designed by the mangaka Reiji Matsumoto. A cruise on the Sumida-Gawa allows you to discover the capital in a new light. Half boat, half spaceship, these boats are sure to please children!

  • By skytrain

The Yurikamome line is an automatic skytrain line that reaches Odaiba from Shimbashi or Shiodome. The view from the train is breathtaking! Try to get to the front of the train to enjoy a better view.

  • By foot

It's quite possible to cross the Rainbow Bridge on foot, but note that the crossing is long and relatively noisy. There is pedestrian access along the road. Remember to wrap up in case of wind; the bridge is still 50 meters above Sumida River. If you are with young children, we recommend you choose one of the other means of transport.

Activities for all ages

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation teaches you more about space conquest, earthquakes, medical science and even robotics. The highlight of the Miraikan lies in the small show of the humanoid robot, Asimo, which takes place four times a day.

  • Toyota Mega Web

Located next to the Venus Fort shopping mall, this is a huge complex dedicated to the automobile. The Toyota Mega Web consists of several spaces: a showroom with video games and a virtual reality experience, the History Garage which traces the history of the automobile as well as racing circuits and car tests for cars. Fun for adults and children alike! Completely free, the complex has something to appeal to everyone, fan of cars or not.

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  • Joypolis (Tokyo Beach Decks)

This amusement park skillfully combines sensational attractions, video games, advanced technologies and horror! An explosive cocktail that will surely appeal to teenagers.

  • Legoland (Tokyo Beach Decks)

The Legoland theme park is perfect for the youngest members of the family. In Tokyo Beach Decks, the park offers rides, an impressive Miniland depicting a miniature Tokyo, the Lego Factory Tour where you make your own Lego Ninjago City Adventure, where kids learn to be a ninja by overcoming obstacles and testing their reflexes, and free play areas to build with Lego at your leisure by giving free rein to your imagination.

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  • Trick Art Museum (Tokyo Beach Decks)

The paintings at this extraordinary museum are not traditional two-dimensional paintings. Each is a perfect optical illusion that messes with your perception and suggests that the objects pictured really exist. Be careful however with younger children, who might be afraid of the paintings of ghosts and monsters of Japanese lore. Cameras are essential for this visit!

  • Sony Science Explora (Aqua City Odaiba)

A multitude of small fun workshops that teach you, in a very educational way thanks to new technologies, the scientific principles behind our five senses. Don't miss the workshops where you can distort your voice or test your ability to smile; it's an opportunity to entertain and challenge the whole family.

  • The Gundam Unicorn (opposite DiverCity Tokyo Plaza)

In place since last October, this new Gundam has replaced the Gundam RX-78-2 that used to be on display  At 18 meters high, he surpasses his predecessor by 2 meters!

The famous Shibuya crossing made out of Lego

Legoland Factory

Toyota Mega Web

The robot Asimo, putting on a show at Miraikan!

Gundam Odaiba

The new Gundam in Odaiba, there since October 2017

Rainbow Bridge seen from Odaiba

Take a break in Odaiba

For lunch, the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza offers many restaurants at very affordable prices. In the huge food court, each member of the family can choose from the different restaurants and sit together at a table for the meal. If it's time for a snack, take a seat at the Starbucks Cafe at Aqua City Odaiba. Its view of the Rainbow Bridge is breathtaking, especially at dusk.

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Finally, if you'll need to change diapers or want to get dressed, go to Nishimatsuya (on the 4th floor of the Tokyo Beach Decks). This chain of children's stores provides childcare items, clothing and toys at reasonable prices. Odaiba still has many other places to see or experience. It'll take you well over a day to visit them all!

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