Hijiyama-koen   比治山公園

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Hijiyama-koen Park in Hiroshima

View of the city of Hiroshima from Hijiyama-koen Park.

Library manga in Hiroshima

Manga library next to the park.

On top of the hill

When the cherry trees are adorned with white bloom for spring, Hijiyama-Koen Park breathes life and freshness just outside of the city center.

Located on the hill of the same name, it welcomes runners, walkers, tourists, families and visitors around its ponds and paths. At the top is the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, which is a must. East and west come together as artists like Andy Warhol, Frank Stella or the British sculptor Henry Moore and his six meter outdoor installment Ark are honored.

After a picnic or a trip to the play areas for children, the only thing that remains is going to the of Manga Library of Hiroshima.  Although most comics are in Japanese, there are some other manga written in other languages. Regardless, it's a good time.

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