Nawanai   なわない

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Nawanai Hiroshima

Entrance Nawanai bar in Hiroshima.

Grilled sardines Hiroshima

Grilled sardines Hiroshima.

Road thirst

Looking for a refuge during your evening stroll? Suddenly a red light appears and takes you underground. Welcome to a typical izakaya of Hiroshima. Its name: Nawanai.

If the summer heat overwhelms you during your long treks, why not cool off with a Japanese beer. Check out the Hondori district and step into Nawanai. A classic for locals. It Japanese-style ranks it as an izakaya, or your traditional Japanese bar.

This address that looks like a cozy bistro is located in the basement but the clientele has no underground look, quite the contrary. It is not surprising to come across salarymen relaxing with some local sake after a hard day. To avoid the alcohol going to your head, the establishment also offers some tempura dishes or sashimi.

You can not leave the table without having tasted the ko-iwashi, small specialty sardines, raw or roasted. Don't miss Nawanai or a good izakaya, simply look up and see a red lantern, the symbol of these establishments.

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