Uoyaki Itaru   魚焼いたる

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Izakaya Uoyaki Itaru

Sign izakaya Uoyaki Itaru.

Izakaya Uoyaki Itaru

Comptoir restaurant Uoyaki Itaru.

Sake Grail

Where can you quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger if not at Uoyaki Itaru? After a day of pilgrimage along the streets of Kanazawa, good quality food and drinks can be enjoyed here in an elegant and traditional decor. 

This spacious izakaya (or Japanese bar) has a spectacular menu offering twenty varieties of sake for connoisseurs and novices. The seafood dishes, free range chicken and wood fire grilled pork are served every evening on long black tables in the vast main room. If it is not the ideal place for those looking for privacy, visitors can still taste the typical atmosphere that reigns in these essential venues where the Japanese come to relax.

Perfect for a first visit, the formula for 1 300 yen offers three masu (cube-shaped containers and the unit of measurement for the famous rice alcohol) of different sakes accompanied by appetizers, carefully chosen for their complementary tastes. Generous portions and careful presentation provide an excellent sake evening.

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