Yuwaku Sosaku No Mori   金沢湯涌創作の森

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Crafts Center Yuwaku Sosaku No Mori

The crafts center Yuwaku Sosaku No Mori.

Crafts Center Yuwaku Sosaku No Mori

Learning the techniques of shibori dyeing.

If I had a hammer, pliers and a needle

Handicraft buffs will be pleasantly surprised at Yuwaku Sosaku No Mori in Kanazawa. And this family outing becomes a must for rainy afternoons.

Not far from the thermal springs of Yuwaku hides a hamlet on a very honorable mission: to discover the creative arts of the region. The center of arts and crafts Yuwaku Sosaku No Mori welcomes curious children and adults to their many creative workshops.

Choose from one of their many classes: printing, engraving, dyeing, weaving and even the ancient art of woodblock printmaking.

The center, located in the forest, consists of seven houses in an old, picturesque landscape that helps make this trip the full nature excursion.

And don't worry if you have two left hands, teachers are very patience with beginners. Yuwaku Sosaku No Mori is great with family or friends with their good group rates. This trip makes for a unique exchange with locals through various creative activities.

For those who want to push the adventure to the end, five rooms are available to sleep in the heart of the craftsman village.

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