Nakano-shima-Koen   中之島公園

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Nakano Shima Koen

A night in the park Nakano Shima.

Nakano Shima Koen

Garden path Nakano Shima Koen.

Oasis Osaka

"Oasis in the city" as some call it, the Nakano-shima-Koen park on the island with the same name, brings a breath of rose scented air.

Opened in 1891, the first public park in Osaka flourishes will-nilly, stuck between the Dojima and Tosabori rivers and a myriad of skyscrapers. The island, which counts offices, museums, conference halls and other media premises, has always needed its parks that give it a breath of fresh air and make it much more pleasant, almost exotic, on the island away from the city.

A rose garden nestles here with three hundred different species in which each plant seems to be maintained to the nearest millimeter, where anyone can walk between the fragrances, trying to forget the smell of the metropolis. Also, nearby you can visit the Museum of Oriental Ceramics with two thousand pieces from northern Asia.

Japan makes space sacred, the non full, the Nakano-shima-Koen thus accomplishes its difficult task: to become an oasis, a place of rest where people come to take their mind off things or think differently.

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