The Antiquated Arakawa Tramway   都電荒川線

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Retro Tokyo

Why not visit Tokyo aboard a charming old retro tram retro, and discover all the picturesque sites the city has to offer.

The Arakawa Tramway line is an eccentricity of Tokyo, today an anachronism that allows travel at slower pace and far from all the overcrowded places, in the popular and retro neighborhoods of Waseda and Asukayama Oji .

A visit to these neighborhoods, with their old shops, their local residents, but also their many student bars allows tourists to discover a less touristy Tokyo, but far more authentic and human.

Take the Arakawa Toden tram towards Minowabashi  to Waseda Station, famous for its university, which served as the backdrop for the bestseller Norwegian Wood, written by Haruki Murakami.

Then get off at the station Asukayama, known for its popular green park enjoyed by Japanese families on weekends. It also houses the small Shinto shrine Oji Inari.

If you are with children, a trip to Arakawa Amusement Park, located near Yuenchi Arakawa Ma station, offers the opportunity to discover the charm of a good-local theme park in Japan.

On the other hand, lovers of history and Japanese literature can go directly to Toden Zoshigaya station, which is home to the quiet cemetery Zoshigaya. The latter is famous for the presence of leading figures, starting with the tomb of Natsume Soseki, one of the greatest writers of Japanese literature.

Note that a pass for 500 yen / day will allow you to enjoy the 12.2 km course of this unique charming tram. Arakawa Tramway is after all  the last tram service in Tokyo!

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