Hiking in Nikko 日光のハイキングコース

  • Published on : 04/06/2018
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Nikko nickel!


Nikko is the ideal and privileged destination for Tokyoites who want to have a nature weekend. As well as being easy to get to, there are famous historical sites in the heart of the huge national park, even home to impressive volcanoes.

There are many places to stay, of high quality, often with onsen to make your stay a moment of pure happiness.


Yunoko Lake

Yunoko Lake is nestled in the hollow of the mountains , like a pearl that you discover by surprise, it offers itself to you by enchantment. In one hour and 3 kilometers you can go around it thanks to a very pleasant and easy landscaped path because it is all flat. In summer, the invigorating freshness of the lake does a world of good and in autumn it will be the magnificent glowing and golden colors of the kôyô that delight.

Trout fishing enthusiasts know the area well and many come to tease it in the clear waters of this beautiful lake.

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Lac Yunoko

Yunoko Lake

Wikimedia Commons


This space follows Lake Yunoko, along the Yukawa River by a pleasant path in the forest , from which you will appreciate pretty waterfalls , including Yudaki which falls 70 meters high and 110 meters wide. Very refreshing in summer and so beautiful, like a natural picture that we can contemplate until thirsty!


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Cascade Yudaki

Yudaki Waterfall

Wikimedia Commons

Le mont Nantai dominant le lac Chuzenji

Mount Nantai overlooking Lake Chuzenji

Wikimedia Commons

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