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Ponyo sur la falaise est inspirĂ© du village de pĂȘcheurs de Tomonoura

11 real life anime locations to visit in Japan

Are you a fan of anime and dream of visiting the places that inspired them?

11 must-see places for otaku in Japan

Going to Japan and wondering how you can immerse yourself in the country's otaku culture?

Personnages de L'Attaque des Titans

Attack on Titan

A real phenomenon since its release, Attack on Titan , or Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, is one of the most universally recognized manga of the last decade.

Personnages de Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Extremely popular action-adventure shonen, despite the numerous interruptions it was subjected to to preserve its author's health, Hunter x Hunter is a real reference of the genre.

Affiche de Dragon Ball avec san Goku

Dragon Ball

Whether you are a fan of manga or a total stranger to this universe, the name Dragon Ball will sound familiar to your ears.

Personnages principaux de Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

A true phenomenon of the new manga/animated generation, Demon Slayer is a staple of Japanese pop culture.



Bleach is a popular manga, which has just made its comeback to present its final arc (a narrative arc is characterized by a plot developed over several episodes) in an animated ver



As a timeless manga that has marked several generations, Naruto has revitalized the action-adventure genre in shonen.  Here is a quick overview of this internation

One Piece Ă©quipage

One Piece

Today considered as one of the greatest mangas in existence, while also being one of the most popular, One Piece has influenced several generations.  Here is an overview of what One Piece is about

Nakagin Capsule Tower

Nakagin Capsule Tower

South of the Ginza district, near Shinbashi, is a unique building that stands out in the landscape of Tokyo skyscrapers, the Nakagin Capsule Tower.

In Tokyo, Taito arcades (Akihabara) terminals together the most talented hardocre gamer.

Tokyo for otakus

The otaku are young people (or not so young) who devote their time and their money to their interest: the world of manga, animes, figurines, idols, and video games.

Cosplay in japan

Cosplay has become an element of the everyday landscape in Japan.

With 634 meters high, the Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest building in the Japanese capital.

Tokyo Skytree Tower

A major attraction located in the east of the Japanese capital, the Tokyo Skytree tower offers an impressive panoramic view of the city, day and night.

Le phénomÚne envahie les stations de Tokyo

Love Live!

Streaming manga, video games, television series, or smartphone applications, "Love Live!" has been a Japanese phenomenon since the early 2010s.


Tokyo, robots are in the city

In Tokyo, humanoid robots and android robots welcome, guide and inform in many hotels, businesses and major retailers in the capital. Some even act as tourist guides!

Hotel Koé, Tokyo

The new Hotel Koé opened on February 9, 2018 in Shibuya, right in the heart of Tokyo.

The Pokémon Cafe

A brand new Pokémon cafe opened in Tokyo on March 14th. What a delight for fans of the Pokémon franchise, hugely popular in Japan and elsewhere!

vr park shibuya

Tokyo VR Park

In the trendy district of Shibuya, the VR Park offers an immersion in virtual reality (VR) on an entire floor!

Henn na Hotel

The dinosaur and the beautiful humanoid... That sounds like quite the tale. This is actually the team that welcomes you to Henn-na Hotel!

Nara Dreamland

Japan is full of strange and unusual places. Some have become true attractions, like the abandoned Nara Dreamland Park.

Tokyo Dome City

What city can boast having an impressive stadium, an amusement park and a spa with natural hot springs, all in the heart of the city in a single place? Tokyo of course!

Abeno Harukas

The tallest building in Japan

In Osaka, a new skyscraper 300 meters high caresses the clouds.

Cabs Purikura photo booths no Mecca of Shibuya, more fun and playful than our classic photo booth.

Lively Tokyo

The Japanese megalopolis always lives up to its reputation. It contains everything you could possibly imagine, with many eccentricities and unique concepts.

Visiting Tokyo TV Studios

One reason Japan is so attractive is because of the vitality of its productions: anime and TV shows have done much for the image of Cool Japan. Did you know that it's possible to visit the studios

In Tokyo, Taito arcades (Akihabara) terminals together the most talented hardocre gamer.

Game Center

Game centers, arcades... there are a multitude of video game centers in Japan. Although they are mainly in Akihabara, some, eccentric from the otaku area, are worth visiting.

In Tokyo (Japan), bars expose curious cat (neko) to keep company with customers: Welcome to the neko cafe.

Nekorobi Cat Café

The neko café or cat café remains a good way to meet the Japanese and compensate for the lack of your favorite animal during a trip to the archipelago.

Besides being the mark of Yomiuri Giants of Tokyo, the Tokyo Dome also hosts concerts of the greatest Japanese and international artists.

Tokyo Dome

The bat hits the ball with a smack. A thunderous applause rises from the stands, where sixty thousand fans roar together like a lion.

With its tip at 225 meters, the tower Torannomon Hills is the tallest building in Tokyo.

Toranomon Hills

Since June 11th, 2014, it became the tallest building in Tokyo. With its 255.5 meters, Toranomon Hills now dominates the Minato neighborhood.

The Purikura, real phenomenon in Japan, are also fun and unusual photo booth cabin.

Tokyo pop culture

Let yourself be drawn into the whirlwind that is life in Tokyo, and allow your imagination to run wild!

The itanail, art manicure Version otaku.

Itanail Salon

Tired of the french manicure? In Akihabara, a salon offers to decorate your nails with Mononoke, Luffy, Sailor Moon, and all your favorite characters from Japanimation.