Udon noodles, typical Japanese dish 饂飩

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Udon, the traditional noodles of Japan

But where do these thick, springy noodles come from that are so hard to eat with chopsticks? Udon are part of typical Japanese dishes with their cousins soba (buckwheat pasta) and ramen . These very thick and gooey white noodles are made from wheat flour and salted water.

Udon noodles, infinitely available

This typical Japanese dish is served hot or cold , with or without broth , garnished or not with white onion stems. A very dark broth, therefore based on very concentrated soy sauce, means that the noodles are native to Kanto while a clear broth and finer vermicelli indicate that the udon was made Kansai style.

Eaten cold and dipped in a soy sauce , zaru udon are among the most popular recipes, especially in the height of summer.


Zaru Udon

Wikimedia Commons


Ise udon

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Kitsune udon

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Not far from Shinjuku station, Udon Shin is a very popular restaurant with Tokyoites , serving zare and kaku udon . Once installed in the small stall, marvel at the superb plates of udon elegantly wound in a spiral. Do not miss to taste the soft-boiled egg cooked in tempura , a delight ...

Address: 2-20-16, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Des udon à Udon Shin

Udon Shin Tokyo


Udon au restaurant Omen Pontocho

Flickr City Foodsters

Udon recipe to make them at home

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