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A patchwork of stamps issued by Japan Post in recent years.

A patchwork of stamps issued by Japan Post in recent years.

Japan Post

Japanese post office.

Mailbox Japanese letters

Mailbox Japanese letter Tokayama.

5 tips to follow to the letter ...

Traveling or residing in Japan, some practical tips to make your visit to one of 24 000 offices across the country easy.

1 Where?

Japanese post offices (yûbinkyoku) are easily identifiable by their red T-shaped logo, which is also found on mailboxes (this is the T of Teishin or "communication"). The country is peppered with offices (there are 24 000 in all), and you will never have to go more than 10 minutes to find a post office in Japan...

To locate them easily and quickly, the map proposed by Japan Post is useful (but only in Japanese ...), and the Japan Post Office Navigation app even more so (in geolocation mode, it shows the closest offices to you, anywhere in the country).

2 When?

Opening times of the Japanese Post Office are unchanging: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday for "local offices" until 7 p.m. for "district offices".

"Central offices" of the big cities are more interesting: they are open until 9 p.m. on weekdays, weekends, and above all they offer a 24hr / day service - a door remains open all night so you can take your time, to send a package in the middle of the night, or withdraw money.

In Tokyo, go to the Marunouchi exit of JR Station (the central office is on the ground floor of the JP Tower), or the central office of  Shibuya (Shibuya 1-12-13).

In Kyoto, a central office is located at the exit of the station (left leaving the building: a large glass building with  "Kyoto Central Post Office" written on the top), next to Rihga Royal Hotel and APA Ekimae Hotel.

3 Send a card

For a postcard (hagaki) to Europe, the price of postage is 70円. Stamps (kitte) can be bought elsewhere that at the post office: they can be found, along with postcards in the konbini or tobacco kiosks.

4 Withdrawing Money

Most post offices are equipped with ATMs . These "International ATM Services" are perfect for travelers looking for cash as they accept major western credit cards.

5. Information

Post offices are found on almost every street corner. The problem: The staff very rarely speak English ... So you it is better to be well informed before entering!

To do so you can visit the English version of the website Japanpost. The most important information is translated and give a lot of information about how to proceed.

Also, a phone number for Japanpost is available for English speakers (0570-046-111).

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