Yusentei Park in Fukuoka 友泉亭公園

Parc Yusentei

The park pond and the tea pavilion

Yusentei Park

Fukuoka Japanese Garden

If you are passing through Fukuoka to discover the beauties of Kyushu, don't miss Yusentei Garden, the city's little-known gem. Wandering among the maple trees and tea on the edge of the pond, a nice Japanese-style break...

The discovery of Japanese gardens, whatever their style, is a good part of visits to the Land of the Rising Sun. Nature holds a large place in the hearts of the Japanese, parks, and gardens are numerous.

Thus, walking in the paths of the gardens, around the ponds, on the wooden and stone bridges, under the foliage of the pines and the maples, constitutes an activity in itself in Japan.

The parks are also taken by storm during the hanami and the koyo, as well as on Sundays in good weather to organize a picnic!

Parc Yusentei

View from the tea pavilion

Wikimedia Commons

Parc Yusentei

The garden paths

Wikimedia Commons

Parc Yusentei

The map of the park

Yusentei Park

Address, timetable & access

  • Address

  • Phone

    +81 (0)92-711-0415
  • Timetable

    Bus #12: Yusentei stop then 5 min walk. Bus #13, 16, 96, and 113: Yusen Chugakko-mae stop then 10 min walk.
  • Price

    Adult ticket: 200 yen ($1.75/1.50€) Child ticket: 100 yen ($.85/.80€)
  • Access

    Open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

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