Aokigahara, a thousand-year-old Japanese forest 青木ヶ原

Aokigahara: Beyond the Legend of the Cursed Forest

Aokigahara, aka, the Sea of Trees, is a forest on the northwestern foot of Mount Fuji. Locally, it is also known as Jukai or "Sea of Trees" because of its high density of trees but is also known for its tragic reputation...

The Forest has a reputation for being cursed as is it is referred to as the most known site for suicide in Japan. Mysterious and unique, it nevertheless contains several natural sites not to be missed as one visits the region of the five lakes around Mount Fuji.

These trails are an excellent way to realize the density and the very special character of the forest : countless trees that wind around the volcanic rock, branches intertwined from foot to foot, roots crawling under the moss, thick foliage leaving barely pass the rays of the sun ... hard to describe the feeling that the "cursed" forest causes, if you have not seen it with your own eyes.


Aokigahara forest

Aokigahara forest

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The rest of the year, enjoy the Gardening Festival in the spring and the Mushroom Festival in the fall. It goes without saying that with Saiko Yachounomori Park, the terrible legends of the Aokigahara Forest will be far behind you!

Finally, very close to Aokigahara Forest is Mount Koyodai and its observation deck , which offers a splendid view of Mount Fuji , as well as the vast expanse of the forest below. It is possible to reach the forest from Koyodai.



forêt d'Aokigahara

Le Mont Fuji vu depuis le chemin entre le Mont Koyodai et Aokigahara

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