The Tadanori Yokoo Museum of Contemporary Art 横尾忠則現代美術館

  • Published on : 15/03/2019
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Discovering the works of Tadanori Yokoo

Fans of contemporary art and Pop art will be delighted: in Kobe there is a museum entirely dedicated to the work of Japanese artist Tadanori Yokoo, considered the Asian Andy Warhol. Short guided tour.

His posters mix various techniques and influences, at the crossroads between Japanese heritage and American influences . Collage, drawing, ukiyo-e (Japanese print) mingle in psychedelic and colorful works , where the color red is omnipresent.

Yokoo denounces as much as it illustrates the unbridled economic development of Japan in the 60s and 70s , cheerfully mixing the codes of Japanese and American consumer society, juxtaposing samurai icons with Coca-Cola logos, crossing images of Mount Fuji and Pin-up blondes.




Musée Yokoo Tadanori

Works in the rooms of the museum

Flickr Yuya Tamai

Musée Yokoo Tadanori

Works exhibited in the rooms

Flickr Yuya Tamai

Musée Yokoo Tadanori

Installations in the rooms of the museum

Wikimedia Commons

The collection background being immense, the works presented in the room change about three times a year , according to a global theme. Note that depending on the current exhibition, the price of the admission ticket varies.

In 2019, the theme of the summer will be centered around the humor present in the work of Tadanori Yokoo, and its enigmatic and spiritual role. Then, at the end of the year, there will be a major exhibition entitled " Yokoo seen by Yokoo" , organized by the artist himself.

In 2020, the works presented will then revolve around the concept of body and flesh in his work.

Musée Yokoo Tadanorit

The documentary fund and archives of the museum

feel kobe

Musée Yokoo Tadanori

The souvenir shop

Wikimedia Commons

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