Tokyo International Forum 東京国際フォーラム

  • Published on : 29/09/2020
  • by : Japan Experience

The Tokyo International Forum is a vast convention center, concert venue and exhibition space in the Marunouchi district of Tokyo, bordering the lively Yurakucho area, near Tokyo Station.

Tokyo International Forum consists of seven halls, the main Exhibition Hall and 34 conference rooms surrounding a cool, tree-lined central plaza along with cafes, restaurants and shops. It houses the Mitsuo Aida Museum, Mitsuo Aida (1924-91) being a calligrapher/philosopher loved for his common touch. The conspicuous glass boat-shaped lobby is separated from the four large exhibition halls, A, B, C and D, by an elegant courtyard that is a favorite spot for Tokyoites to relax and meet up. Under the courtyard is a basement concourse linking the auditoriums and the lobby building.

Shops and restaurants include 4R Danish Cafe, Kobeya Dining, the Toh Ten Koh Chinese restaurant, the Forum Ticket Center, Levante Beer & Restaurant, JTB travel agency, Takara Sake Restaurant, Excelsior Cafe, Papa Milano Italian restaurant, Temomin Suite body care, a Family Mart convenience store and a Forum Art Shop selling Tokyo International Forum-themed goods.

Glass roof inside Tokyo International Forum

Inside Tokyo International Forum

By 663highland - Own work, CC BY 2.5,

Address, timetable & access

Tokyo International Forum

  • Address

    5-1 Marunouchi 3-chome Chiyoda-ku



  • Phone

    +81 (0)3 5221 9000
  • Access

    Tokyo International Forum is located close to Yurakucho Station (1 minute), and is just beyond Bic Camera if walking from Yurakucho Station. It is also accessible from Tokyo Station (7 minutes). An underground concourse runs from B1F to the JR Keiyo Line at Tokyo Station.
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