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Japanese Motorways

Japan’s 7,000km motorway network covers the entire country. This network connects Aomori, in the north of Honshu, to Kagoshima in the south of Kyushu and also includes the island of Shikoku...

Road signs and driving regulations in Japan

Cars in Japan are driven on the left-hand side of the road (the steering wheel is on the right) and driving in Japan is not particularly difficult, or dangerous, because the roads are well maintained, signs are a plenty, and drivers are courteous and careful...



Japanese service stations

In Japan, the customer is king, and this is true for drivers filling up their car at the service station. They have a reputation for providing excellent service, and making you feel like a Formula 1 driver making a pit stop...

Where to park in Japan ?

Given the urban density of most of the cities in Japan, and the speed with which the authorities notice illegally parked cars, it is unlikely that you will easily find somewhere to park. We therefore strongly recommended that you use pay car parks...


The different types of roads in Japan

The trunk roads, or Kokudo “国道”, are signposted in blue and are followed by a two or three-digit number. They are important roads, but do not have tolls, thus differentiating them from the motorways...

The most scenic roads in Japan

Take a leisurely drive through the rice fields, the tea fields and the pine forests. Find you way between the mountains and along the valleys to the most remote spa towns. The car takes you to the heart of the most spectacular scenery of the archipelago.


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