The Fukuoka Top Ten   福岡のトップ10

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Fukuoka Tower

Tonkotsu (Hakata) ramen

Tonkotsu (Hakata) ramen

Hinamatsuri in Yanagawa

Tips from Yoann, our local Travel Angel

Unmissable places, great restaurants and local specialties, Yoann, our Travel Angel in Fukuoka, reveals his 10 favorite things to do there.

On the southern island of Kyushu, Fukuoka, also known as Hakata, welcomes its visitors with sun, smiles and amazing food! Here are some recommendations:

  • The Yanagibashi Rengo market, the historical pantry of the city and a great place to buy local specialties.
  • The Nakasu Kawabata area, with its huge mall, Canal City, and the yatai by the river.
  • See a kabuki play at Hakata-za, Hakata Theater.
  • Spend an afternoon and/or evening in Daimyo, the trendy area in the heart of Fukuoka.
  • Try the Hakata ramen at a yatai, the temporary food stands the city is famous for.
  • A souvenir you should definitely take home with you is the Hakata Torimon, a popular Fukuoka cake.
  • Southwest of the city, Yanagawa, often called the 'Venice of Japan', has hundreds of canals you can explore by gondola.
  • Southeast, there's Dazaifu Tenman-gu, a peaceful shrine where Tenjin, the famous poet, lies.

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