Okunoshima   大久野島

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Rabbits Island, Okunoshima.


Remains of the military history on Okunoshima.

Where rabbits reign supreme

Rabbits have literally taken over Okunoshima island in the absence of natural predators!

Leporophobes be warned. That is, if you are afraid of rabbits, stay away from Okunoshima! This island, off the coast of Hiroshima, is a great visit for families. A walk through nature in a somewhat post apocalyptic setting... Yes, you read that right. These long-eared animals reign supreme on this former scientific research military base. Researchers there created the formulas for deadly gases used during World War II, a weighty past which has now given way to a place of memory and relaxation.

The island doesn't try to hide its dark history: there are still run-down military buildings as well as a museum relating the history of these places while advocating respect for nature. A nature which has reasserted itself. Rabbits, once used as lab test subjects, have literally invaded the island in the absence of natural predators.

Just twenty minutes by ferry from Hiroshima Bay, it's possible to rent bicycles or simply walk around the island. For a hundred yen, you can buy a bag of food to feed the charming little inhabitants you're sure to encounter throughout your visit.

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