Chopsticks Café Shirubei   Chopstick Cafe 汁べゑ

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Chopsticks Café Shirubei

Chopsticks restaurant tables Coffee Shirubei.

Ice on Fire

The fish is in a delicate situation at Chopstick Café. Cold on the ice, it is taken by surprise by the flame of a blowtorch.

If you find the conventional manner of cooking fish boring, obviously you have not been to Chopstick Café. Here the show is included in the price of the dish. The staging begins with the service. Once you have selected your fish, it comes to you on a block of ice. Do not panic, the server has understood that you want it cooked. Once the block in place, things get hot! Then comes the blowtorch, which browns the dishes to your liking.

If you want to be amazed you are at the right place. This bistro has been so successful that today the fish on ice can also be enjoyed in Tokyo, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

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