Hamamatsu   浜松

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Sign of Hamamatsu restaurant

Sign of Hamamatsu restaurant.

Mouthwatering Eels

Gourmet fragrances fill up the small streets of Kanazawa. They come to meet hungry visitors and attract them to this place where one of the star dishes of Japanese cuisine is prepared: unagi.

These eel filets are traditionally eaten on very hot days. The fish is said to provide strength and robustness, eating it in the the heart of summer is said to ensure good health throughout the year. Try it at Hamamatsu, the restaurant has made it its specialty.

After being grilled lightly on charcoals, they are steamed to retain the softness of their flesh; they are then covered in a sweet soy sauce, of which the recipe is jealously guarded by each restaurant. They are browned and lightly caramelize when they go on the grill for a second time, and finally your crunchy and soft unagi are ready.

The owner guarantees the freshness of his products thanks to a freshwater fishery, which is the exclusive source of the wriggling fish. The employees do not speak English, not are the menus in English, but there is better than that. Each dish has its exact resin model, so you can just point at the one that appeals to you most. The "Unagi Don Jo" remains a must: three preserved eel filets served on a bowl of white rice and accompanied by a miso soup, all for 2 200 yen. Remember that the restaurant is only open for lunch.

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