Pilsen   ぴるぜん

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German restaurant Pilsen

German Pilsen restaurant entrance.

German restaurant Pilsen

German dish of sausage Pilsen restaurant.

A Taste of Germany

The land of Goethe's invites itself in the Katamachi district of Kanazawa. Beer, sausage and sauerkraut can be had at Pilsen.

Willkommen! Welcome! Guten Appetit! Bon Appetit! Some of the words you can hear at Pilsen. But fear not, no need to master the German language to have a fun evening. This half-pub, half-restaurant, offers a little piece of Germany on your plate and above all in your glass. As it is impossible to evoke the German classics without mentioning beer! Whether they be from Munich, lager or ale, the choice is yours. And of course served in glass beer tankards.

But to find the typical atmosphere of Bavarian evenings, you need to go upstairs to the restaurant. There, after the beer festival is the sausage festival. A gargantuan variety that delights pork lovers. Dry, smoked, with garlic, with pepper, far from the standard Japanese sausage.

If you are not particularly sensitive to the virtues of pork, the menu also features chicken and beef stew, omelets, pizzas and salads.

The only problem, you may need to be patient as this little corner of Germany is popular and often has to turn people away on weekends.

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